10 Things to Know About St. Ezra

He was a Restoration Saint - Ezra was very influential in guiding the people of Judah in resettling after the Babylonian Exile was over (538 BC).
Ezra 7:8-9

Ezra had spent his time in Babylon studying the Law of the LORD.
Ezra 7:10

Ezra's main focus back in Judah was restoring the faith of the people.
Ezra 7:12-14

Ezra held a fast at the Ahava River with his group of returnees as a way to seek from God for a safe journey from Babylon/Persia to Jerusalem.
Ezra 8:21 & Ezra 8:31

When Ezra and his group arrived in Jerusalem, they rested for three days.
Ezra 8:32

Ezra strongly encouraged marriage within the faith, knowing that the remnant Israelites who had returned to Jerusalem had been weakened spiritually and needed religiously unified families.
Ezra 9:14-15

Ezra was a contemporary of Nehemiah; Ezra focused on religious renewal while Nehemiah focused on the structural rebuilding of Jerusalem.
Nehemiah 2:5

Ezra reappears in The Book of Nehemiah, where he gathered together the returned exiles and read to them the Law of Moses.
Nehemiah 8:1-3

Ezra was able to interpret the writings of Moses so all could understand.
Nehemiah 8:8

When the returned remnant of the Israelites began to weep upon hearing the word of the Law of Moses, Ezra and Nehemiah encouraged them to instead rejoice and celebrate their gain in holy knowledge.
-Nehemiah 8:9-12