Finding St. Aristarchus (of Thessalonica) in the Bible

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St. Aristarchus (ar-is-TAR-kus) is one of those lesser-known saints from the Bible.  His name can be found a handful of times, but he doesn't have any big stories revolving around him.  But, we can glean a fair amount about this good man from these few references.

St. Aristarchus was from Thessalonica and probably heard about Jesus from St. Paul ...
... they reached Thessalonica, where there was a synagogue of the Jews.  Following his usual custom, Paul joined them, and for three Sabbaths he entered into discussions with them from the scriptures, expounding and demonstrating that the Messiah had to suffer and rise from the dead, and that "This is the Messiah, Jesus, whom I proclaim to you.  Some of them where convinced and joined Paul and Silas.   ~Acts 17:1b-4a

St. Aristarchus may very well been one of those in the synagogue and was convinced by Paul's words, for it is just a few chapters later that Aristarchus's name appears for the first time:

1)  St. Aristarchus was seized during "The Riot of the Silversmiths" while in Ephesus with St. Paul.   ~ Acts 19:23-40

2)  St. Aristarchus traveled with St. Paul to Troas.   Acts 20:4-5

3)  St. Aristarchus traveled by ship from Caesarea to Rome with  St. Paul.   Acts 27:1-2

4)  St. Aristarchus was with St. Paul when he wrote The Letter to the Colossians during an imprisonment (very possibly in Rome).   Colossians 4:10

5)  St. Aristarchus was with St. Paul when he wrote The Letter to Philemon again, while in prison; again, possibly in Rome.   Philemon 24

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So, if you find yourself in a bit of trouble with many around upset with you, or you are traveling, or you know someone in prison, St. Aristarchus is a perfect saint to turn to for prayers.